Two iconic cities. Two world-class distilleries.

With distilleries in the hearts of New York and Los Angeles, we instill a passion for the city in everything we do. With a custom designed production and exclusive ingredients, Our/Vodka stands out from any other vodka on the market. Just one sip, and you’ll see. Welcome to the City.

One of the smoothest Vodka’s we have ever tasted. Very clean and light. It would be a shame to mix it, try it on the rocks.
Customer review of Our/New York Vodka,


Our/Vodka was born out of passion for the cities that we love. The cities that inspire us. The cities that are a part of who we are.

We build distilleries in the heart of the world’s most iconic cities, in order to tap into the art, culture, and people that make each place unique. Our/Los Angeles, located in the heart of Downtown LA’s Arts District, embodies the beauty of the West Coast, from the mountains to the beach, and everything in between.
Our/New York, in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood, is Manhattan’s first distillery in over 100 years. The epitome of style, it is characterized by the cool elegance its namesake has come to represent.

Despite the unique character of each city, each distillery in Our/Vodka uses the same formula and process to create a vodka that is consistently excellent, no matter the name on the bottle. This ensures that each bottle of our small-batch vodka meets our exceptionally high standards, creating a smooth, complex vodka that our cities can be proud of.


What makes Our/Vodka unique? We use a special process and ingredients that make us stand out from any other vodka on the market. We start with 100% non-GMO winter wheat. After this wheat is ground and fermented, we add our special ingredient – a rare natural yeast that is typically used in wine production. This is the magic of Our/Vodka – it is what allows Our/Vodka to embody its signature, naturally occurring floral and citrus notes.

The next step is distillation. The mixture is filtered and distilled once centrally, then distilled again in each city’s custom-built Arnold Holstein copper still, specially made to impart a unique character to Our/Vodka. Our Master Distillers work tirelessly during the 8-hour distillation, monitoring the process every 20 minutes to ensure quality every step of the way.

The final result of the distillation, once filtering out the impurities, is mixed with our column-distilled rectified spirit (unique for each city), and our locally sourced, triple-filtered water to produce an exquisitely premium, world-class vodka. All of the care that we take and top ingredients that we use allow us to bring a five-star experience from the fields, to the still, all the way to your glass.


These are at the core of who we are – and what we do.

Our commitment to top-shelf, craft vodka drives us forward – and is one of the reasons we got started at all. If it’s not made well, it’s not worth making.

The cities that surround us inspire everything we do. By collaborating with local individuals and organizations, we bring their stories to life, and create new stories in the process.

We make sure to celebrate as many different aspects of the city as we can, in order to be open for all. Whether you’re a life-time city dweller, or a first-time visitor, we welcome you to the Our/Vodka experience.

Let’s get acquainted.

Check out our two locations to see how our inspiration takes shape, from the East Coast to the West.